Service Times

Sometimes there are seasonal changes and additions to scheduled services.


St Oswald’s

St John’s

St Thomas’

1st Sunday 8am Holy Communion (BCP)

10.30am Parish Praise (and Baptisms)

11am Morning Prayer
2nd Sunday 10.30am Holy Communion

6.00pm Evening Prayer

10am Café Church 11am Holy Communion
3rd Sunday 10.30am Holy Communion 11am Morning Prayer
4th Sunday 10.30am Holy Communion

6.00pm Holy Communion

10am Café Church 11am Morning Prayer
5th Sunday 10am All Together

Holy Communion

Weekday Services

Wednesdays 9am Morning Prayer

Holy Communion (2nd Wednesday)

Thursdays 9am Morning Prayer in Vestry
Fridays 10am Holy Communion
Please check Events page for any variations at Easter & Christmas & Churches Together