School Work

School Work


This is a Monday lunch time club held at Filey C.E. V.C. Nursery & Infant School.

Four Church Volunteers use the library space for bible stories, craft activities, chatting and games with year 1 & 2 children. Through the year we look at a variety of Bible stories and relate them to our lives today. For instance –  

One week we had the story of Zacchaeus and made trees for him to climb up. Another week we made loaves and fish out of play dough for the story of the feeding of the 5,000. One of the games we enjoyed playing was ‘Stick Jonah Inside the Whale’  a sort of alternative to pin the tail on the donkey. It’s a great fun event. It’s always great fun and although space is limited, is open to anyone in year 1 or 2.

Open The Book

‘Open The Book’ is a way of bringing Bible stories to life. During Collective Worship a team of volunteers led by Revd. Liz Kitching tell a dramatised Bible story. We usually dressed up for the part!  The children often join in with various parts as well and provide some brilliant singing too. 

Supa Club

This club is for children in Year 3 & 4 at Filey Junior School.

SUPA happens on Monday afternoons from 3:30 to 4:30 in the school hall. The aim is to help children in year learn more about some of the great Bible stories in a fun and interactive way with activities and games.

Juice and biscuits are always provided too.

If you would like to help with any of our schools work, please contact the Vicar.