Firmware Update

One of the great things about modern digital cameras is the ability to update the internal operating system of the camera.  This tweaks the camera, making them better in some way.  It might be better performance, quicker focussing or adding a feature from a newer camera.  What though of a spiritual ‘Firmware Update’? What tweaks are needed in our personal walk with Christ?  More patience?  More compassion?  Better understanding of my faith?  Perhaps the firmware update of the spiritual life is to be more conscious of my need of Christ to dwell deep within, so that I become  more like him and therefore serve him and others better.

Journey to Easter

Ash Wednesday marks the start of the season of Lent. It is traditionally a time for us to delve deeper and revitalise our faith.  Once again Churches Together in Filey will be holding joint Lent Study Evenings.  Journey to Easter aims to encourage each one of us to make our own personal responses and spiritual ‘Firmware Update’. Through a variety of presentations by Filey church leaders, we will explore some of the great themes of Lent.




1st March Ash Wednesday – Holy Communion – St Oswald’s Church

8th March   ‘Suffering’ at the Methodist Church

15th March   ‘Fasting & Penance’ at St Mary’s

22nd March   ‘Prayer’ at Salvation Army

29th March   ‘Alms & Oblations’ at St John’s Church


7pm – 8pm Followed by simple refreshments.


Every blessing.

Revd. Nigel Chapman