What to expect

What to expect

Sunday Worship St Oswald’s

The 10.30am service is usually quite formal, but we are a friendly bunch and welcome all visitors.  As you enter the church you will be met by members of our ‘Welcome Team’ who will give you a hymn book and service booklet and notice sheet with Bible readings for the day and some of the prayers. The service has several stages punctuated by hymns. Any responses are written in bold type. Don’t worry about loosing your place, we all do it (even the vicar from time to time)!


During a Holy Communion service we have ‘The Peace’. This is symbolic of being united in fellowship as the ‘Body of Christ’ and so with a smile or a handshake we share with each other this symbol of peace that comes from knowing God together.


All are welcome to take the bread and wine, including children if it is your tradition to do so.  If you prefer not to, please feel welcome to come to the Communion rail for a prayer of blessing.


If your children become restless don’t worry! Feel free to use the facilities and toys in the room at the back of the church, or if you need to wander round to try and settle a baby, then please do so it’s not a problem.


There is a disabled access toilet available in the West Room at the back of church, which also has baby changing facilities..


After the service we have refreshments served at the back.

Cafe Church @ St John’s

Café Church is every second and fourth Sunday of the month at St John’s Church on West Avenue. Hot drinks, juice, cake and biscuits are served from 9.30am onwards and the service starts at 10am,

Sitting around tables it is very informal with a worship team, modern songs, sketches and a short talk. It’s perfectly normal to refill your cup during our meeting. There’s also lots of toys in the chancel for the younger children.

We have a ‘Traidcraft’ stall selling a variety of fair traded products.

St Thomas’

A Morning Service is held at 11.00am every Sunday morning with Holy Communion on the Third Sunday of the month. The congregation is small but warm and friendly and refreshments are served after the service.