Moving on

Moving on

We’ll soon be saying “Goodbye” to Revd Liz as she moves on just down the road to go and help in the parish of Eastfield. This has been something on Liz’s mind for some time now and she made the decision earlier in the year to look more seriously at where God was calling her… Liz writes to us this month…..


“For everything,” said the writer of  Ecclesisastes, “For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven.”

A time for England to win the football world cup, and a time for France;

a time for a Briton to win Wimbledon, and a time for a Serb;

a time for prolonged drought, and a time  for an English summer.


“A time for every matter under heaven.”


There was a time for me to come to Filey in  April 2013,  and now, a time for me to leave. I came because God called me here, and I leave because God calls me away! In the 5 years since I came I’ve taken services in Filey and Gristhorpe, and in lots of other parishes -those in vacancy,  or with a Vicar on maternity leave. I’ve (introduced) prayer-walking here – I hope you’ll carry it on.

I’ve started an “Open the Book” team who, under Pam Roberts’ leadersip, will continue to go into Filey Infants Academy to act out Bible stories. I’ve started a prayer-chain which will continue with Ann Simpson. I’ve been emptying the Food bank boxes which you generous people refill almost immediately – thank you!


I’m still running a Laughing Lunch outing to beautiful Wydale Hall every month. I’ve kept up the tradition, established by Mary Williams and myself in 2010, of holding Healing Services. They have recently expanded to become Deanery-wide. The Bible study group which began as an Advent adventure led by me, has grown and changed, being led by Marilyn Briggs and then by each member of the group taking it in turn.


Perhaps we all need to try something  (like leading a Bible study) before we say “No, I couldn’t possibly do that.” Perhaps we all need to be a bit less diffident about our talents. Jesus told a parable about that, didn’t he? Perhaps we could think a bit more widely, too, and venture out to see what happens in other parts of the Deanery?


I hope to see you there!


Revd Liz Kitching